Monday, January 26, 2015

21 Day Fix Review

So I actually finished a Beachbody program (kinda)!!

Seriously, the 21 Day Fix is three weeks -- how could I not finish it, right? The thing is I had started and stopped this program before ... just wasn't in the right mindset.

Anyway, I decided that enough was enough and that hearing all these amazing results after just 21 days, I thought to myself, "I need to get me some of that!"

Oh, when I say "kinda," what I mean is that I didn't commit fully to the workouts because I've been battling a cold and other stressful events, but I stuck with the eating plan which is a success to me! And by eating plan I mean eating whatever the hell I want just in smaller portions plan!

So my results ... drum roll please ... down 10 lbs and 17 inches!!! Cray cray right??

Just imagine where I could've been had I actually worked out!

I'm doing more rounds of this thing -- funny thing is I'm actually getting back into cooking because of this program. I think the reason I failed the first time around is because I was going about it the wrong way -- I was still trying to get my snacks in, but the problem with that is I was wasting my containers on snacks -- it didn't feel like I was eating real food still.

But this time around I got smart and planned my meals and did lots of meal prep.

My breakfasts were a no brainer (Shakeology with powdered peanut butter) and then I got creative with my lunch and dinners. Snacks were usually my fruit. Lunch and dinners were my happy times -- I got to eat cheese -- this is a big deal for me!

Cheese is my absolute weakness, but eating it in controlled portions, I actually looked forward to it. I love this program because I didn't have to take away certain food groups -- I can literally eat whatever I want -- but in portion controlled meals!

I ate pizza on pizza day Fridays -- my pizza that I made!  I still indulged, but in a smarter way! I ate tacos -- seriously so good! I made chicken enchiladas -- chicken parmesan with pasta -- I ate cheese and wine!! 

This program is a godsend. I can't wait to just keep going with this and reach my goal weight! I have no doubt that I will reach my goal weight -- by eating ALL the cheese! It might take a little longer than I usually have when cheese is within my reach, but it's ALL mine!